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Kongkon’s Consultancy has a great successful experience In this field as there are buyers who have goals. And then there are the negotiators. These are the purchasing-type people, whose sole job is to get lower prices. All they do is negotiate. If you want to sell major deals, you need to spend more time with buyers than you do negotiators. Now, purchasing people aren't all bad. They have a job to do. Some negotiate major deals, and they do look for value. So, I want you to think about what you sell, and really think about who are the users? Who might be the senior people who might benefit? Who, in the periphery, might be impacted by what you sell? So, there are a few clues and a few questions you can ask, early in the buying process, to determine what type of person you're meeting with. In Bangladesh especially In readymade garments products we enhance your best choice through a congenial step by step process.